Alpine Abacus Academy

Welcome To Franchisee

Are you looking for a business opportunity with minimum investment? If you are, we invite proposals from energetic men and women to become franchisees for the Alpine Abacus Academy. There is no need for any business or teaching experience; all that is required is that you genuinely enjoy working with children.

We are looking for individuals or groups that are young and dynamic and have:
  • A sound business sense
  • Good academic qualifications (minimum qualification graduates)
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • The required infrastructure
  • Financial capacity
Infrastructure Required:
A well-illuminated room of about 200 sq. ft. with amenities such as fans and comfortable seating arrangement/tables and chairs for the students.
  • A spacious room for an office.
  • A waiting hall/room for the parents.
  • Access to drinking water and toilets.

Get a Franchisee!

Salient Features

An agreement regarding terms and conditions to be signed on stamp paper.
The agreement will be renewed after completions of three years.

Course structure
The duration of each term is 3 months and the full course consists of 10 terms. There will be a test, called the Term Test at the end of every term.
The classes are held for two hours once a week on Sundays.
Students from any school can enroll.